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From Good To Bad: Why Do Relationships End?

We’ve all experienced it. It starts with a few tingles here and there, and before you know it, you feel like you are unable to function well without the other person. But regardless of how

How To Manage Your Stress While Maintaining Your Diet

As much as you wish to overlook it, it's quite impossible to detach your health from your feelings. Every emotion you experience affects a part of your body. This means stress can create damage on

How To Upgrade Your Mind

It’s just this simple: you become what you think.  The mind is a powerful force that most of us take for granted. Many believe that they can’t control what they think because thoughts and images

4 Easy Steps For A Successful Weight Loss Journey

One of the extreme difficulties people have with weight loss is starting out their journey. You can find so much material about diet and weight loss, that the sheer volume of the content can be

Learning To Love You

If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? Loving yourself is one of the most important decisions – and actions – you

Is Gluten Harming Us? What You Need To Know About Going Gluten-Free

There has been a lot of buzz about going on a gluten-free diet. But do you honestly know what it’s all about? Gluten is actually a protein composite found in a lot of the food

8 Ways To Boost Your Emotional Strength

It has been found that your emotional strength contributes to over 50%-60% of your performance AND SUCCESS as an individual. It is very critical that I let you know that if you don’t have a

5 Surprisingly Natural Ways To End Your Acne Tragedy

One of the most common reasons for you to feel a little less self-confident is the presence of acne. Yes, it’s a real tragedy for any woman or man to have to go out and

SEX-tastic: The Many Ways That Sex Helps To Improve A Marriage

We’ve all heard the stories before. You get married, then you enjoy so much intimacy during the first few months or years. Eventually, the kids come and life starts to get in the way. One

Bipolar Disorder: The Truth & How It Can Be Confused With Depression

It occurs and develops through time, but most of the time, it is left undiagnosed. It affects around 5.7 million American adults, which means that there is a chance you have loved ones suffering from